12ahead Live Series 2013

by: Charlotte McEleny on 04 March 2013

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The Singularity

  • 31 October

The connectivity of everyday objects and spaces is about to hit a tipping point which will make our experiences and the way we live our lives much smarter. Linking things to the internet may not be a new phenomenon but the cost of doing this has decreased, propelling this trend into the mainstream. As part of our monthly trends events, this webinar will explore the tools and insights that will allow brands to act on this trend now, before your competition.


2014 Trends

  • 5 December 

We present the new trends for 12ahead, giving you a sneak peak into what will be the most important technology and marketing trends for the year ahead.

Frictionless Commerce

  • 9 January 

The use of mobile and social in combination is hitting the mainstream in most markets, creating a perfect storm for retailers. However, the technology and means to buy via these platforms is very fragmented. This webinar, part of our monthly in-depth trends series, will look at what platforms and tools are emerging as the strongest and find inspirational ideas from businesses across the globe.


Useful Brands

  • 6 February

Adding value to customers’ experiences is essential but creating real utilities and services that become a part of your customers’ lives is a strategy all businesses should be considering. The useful brands special is part of our trends series, so will curate the best examples, case studies and insights to help brands and agencies implement this strategy now.


Social Re-Engineering

  • 6 March

While a lot of brands have discovered the value in social media from a communications point of view, few have successfully transformed their business ready for a social future. This webinar, part of the monthly trends series, will explore the best in class examples of where businesses are integrating the ethos of transparency and collaboration and boosting sales and loyalty in the process.


Human Interfaces

  • 3 April

The way in which we interact with technology is dramatically changing. On one hand we are stuck with a legacy of interfaces, such as the qwerty keyboard, which were originally designed to slow down the speed with which we interact with technology. Now it is all about speed and natural, human forms of interaction. This webinar will explore the brands using this trend and creating amazing experiences and services that drive results.


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