Free webinar: 2013 Essential Digital Trends

by: Andy McCormick on 15 January 2013

For non-12ahead members

Prepare yourself for 2013 by joining 12ahead for a free webinar on 24 January 2013 on the most important digital trends set to impact business and marketing in 2013.

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This webinar is a chance for non-12ahead members to gain one-off access to 12ahead, the exclusive, members only digital trends platform bought to you by The Knowledge Engineers.

Who is the webinar for?
Marketers and agency staff who need to understand the essential digital trends set to impact 2013 to ensure business success.

Learning outcome
Take away an overview of the important digital trends set to impact 2013, how technology and consumer trends will shift in 2013 and what you need to do to be ready.

You will learn

  • How ‘Big Data’s next step is ‘Data-powered People’ as people exploit data to become more empowered.
  • About the new trends predicted to be big in 2013 such as Useful Brands and Media Reinvented.
  • How human-enabled interfaces will create marketing opportunities.
  • How marketers need to move from digital strategies to a strategy for a digital world, as technology and media merge like never before.

Thursday 24 January 2013

8.30am PST, 11.30am EST and 4.30pm GMT.

How to join 
Register now to ensure you get a place on the webinar.