The Upgrade of Slot Machines

Editor12ahead/ March 1, 2021/ Gaming

Slot machines are unquestionably one of the most played and popular casino games. From the very first moment that you walk into a casino, you’ll notice the large variety of slot machines on offer in a designated area. There will be upbeat soundtracks accompanied with loud rings and chimes of the spinning reels coming from this area, so it’s hard to miss. And we guarantee that a large majority of gamblers will be gathered around the machines. A huge reason why they have become so popular is that players can choose from an incredible range of games with various different designs and themes. They are also extremely easy to use and can provide immediate entertainment.

Statistics show that there are over 1.12 million slot machines worldwide. So good news – there is quite literally a slot game for every type of player, no matter what your preference. And new games are being added every single day by a wide range of gaming software providers. Needless to say, each new game released will features certain upgrades to keep them fresh and relevant. Casinos are always aiming to attract as many customers as possible. So, the industry is always improving and enhancing gaming experiences. Let’s take a look at some ways that slot machines have upgraded over the years…

1. YouTube

You’re probably thinking, what does YouTube have to do with slot machines? well, the significant rise in YouTubers and viewers has directly impacted the rise in slot machine players. This is because players now have access to thousands of videos that explain different slot machines. Therefore, the player can not only learn so much about the mechanics, rules and features of each game but they can also visually see how it works. This gives people much more confidence to walk into a casino and start playing on slot machines for the first time. There are a lot of famous slot bloggers that are constantly adding new videos. If you want to check up some YouTubers, we recommend Brian Christopher Slots, Vegas Low Roller, SD Guy 1234, Casino Guru, SlotsJudge, Lady Luck HQ and NG slots.

2. Going Cashless

Many casinos are starting to jump on the cashless slot machines bandwagon. I mean, it’s 2021 after all. Top gaming companies have decided to set a good example by installing cashless technology into their games. Including leading gaming software providers such as International Game Technology (IGT) and Scientific Games. This technology works by creating a wallet for players to pay into beforehand, then this money will be available on their account and accessed through an app. They can then log onto this app and use the money on any games. After the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, this seems like an option that all casinos and gaming software providers should consider. With the reopening of land-based casinos, it’s important for establishments to do all they can to combat the spreading or germs and viruses.

3. Attracting Younger Audiences

It’s no secret that slot games are tailored to attract as many people as possible, of all ages. Slot machines technologies have started to upgrade significantly over the years and this has brought an influx of younger people into casinos. And this hasn’t gone unnoticed by the gaming software providers! It’s become the best interest of providers to ensure that they are constantly moving with technology updates and ensuring they are producing state-of-the-art games. The younger audience is used to ultra-modern games and the best way to keep their attention is by keeping slots fresh, entertaining and futuristic. Also, deciding to embrace popular culture is a great way to attract new customers and keep existing ones happy.

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