The increase of online casino users from 2020 – 2021

Editor12ahead/ August 31, 2021/ Gaming, Latest News

Are online casinos the way forward? I think all gamblers can agree that online casinos are becoming increasingly more popular. And you just need to look at the statistics to back this statement up! With thousands of new users signing up each year. During the covid-19 pandemic, online casinos notice a huge rise in new users as people were not able to visit land-based ones due to closure. We believe that online casinos are indeed the

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The 5 Most Downloaded Apps of 2021

Editor12ahead/ June 8, 2021/ Latest News, Trends

TikTok You probably won’t be too surprised to see TikTok take the top spot for the most downloaded app in 2021. As you already know, the world faced (and still is) the global pandemic due to the spread of COVID-19. This meant people all around the world were locked down at home and started looking for ways to keep themselves entertained. And TikTok quickly became the global sensation of social media! Mostly amongst teenagers but it

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Best Personal Financial Apps Of 2021

Editor12ahead/ May 15, 2021/ Crypto, Latest News

Why struggle to manage your finances when there are thousands of apps to help you? The benefits of using financial apps to track your finance management are endless. You will have more freedom, reduced stress, extra opportunities, stability and so many more positive advantages. It really pays to be organised. So, let’s take a look at the top 8 apps to download to help with your finance management… Mint Mint was created in 2006 by Aaron

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