Best Personal Financial Apps Of 2021

Editor12ahead/ May 15, 2021/ Crypto, Latest News

Why struggle to manage your finances when there are thousands of apps to help you? The benefits of using financial apps to track your finance management are endless. You will have more freedom, reduced stress, extra opportunities, stability and so many more positive advantages. It really pays to be organised. So, let’s take a look at the top 8 apps to download to help with your finance management…


Mint was created in 2006 by Aaron Patzer as an app to help people manage their personal finances effectively. And it has undoubtedly become the most well-known and used finance app. It now has over 20 million users and this number keeps on rising as more people discover the incredible benefits of downloading it. Mint is a simple and effective way to create financial goals and then budgeting steps to get there. It also keeps a track of your spending and credit score.

You Need a Budget

The You Need a Budget app was created by Jesse Mecham in 2004. This is a great app for budgeting. And let’s face it, without a good system of budgeting you’ll never save the money you need. You probably don’t even realise how much you’re spending on silly things that you don’t need until you start budgeting. This app works to help you break the paycheck to paycheck cycle that so many of us get stuck in. It also helps with paying off debts by helping work out how much you can realistically afford to pay towards them each month. You can plan how much to spend on things each month and make cutbacks accordingly. The best part? you can try this app for free for 30 days to see if it really helps you save and budget.

Personal Capital

The Personal Capital app was founded by Rob Foregger, Paul Bergholm, Louie Gasparini and Bill Harris and in 2009. To put it simply, this app is for those who have a sufficient amount of wealth already, not those living paycheck to paycheck. Personal Capital is without a doubt the best app for wealth management. It brings together all accounts that you have to make them easily accessible in one location. It creates summaries of what you’re spending, net worth and also keeps track of your investments.

Clarity Money

The Clarity money app was founded in 2016 by Adam Dell. Many people prefer this app over others because it doesn’t include a budgeting section. Instead, it simply focuses on what’s going in and out of your account and which goods and services your money is being spent on. So, if you’ve already mastered budgeting, good for you, Clarity Money will give you a straightforward account of your incomings and outcomings.


Prism is an app that was introduced in 2011 by Steve Gordon and Tyler Griffin to help people with bill payments. It helps you manage and budget your money so that you have enough for the important bill payments each month. Because no one likes the stress of getting behind on bill payments and seeing them rack up until it becomes an unmanageable figure. Prism will give you a simple account of your finances and help you stay in control of what you’re spending by notifying you of upcoming bills. And your card activities.

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